HerbalHeal Diabetes Healthcare Instrument


Principles of Treatment

The HerbalHeal Diabetes Health Instrucment is designed for the treatment of diabetes with unique programs (M1, M2, M3). It uses the theory of “blood circulation to eliminate all diseases” to stimulate the appropriate meridian and acupoint combinations, dredge the body meridians, and make Qi The blood is perfused through the meridian, and the purpose is: (1) to strengthen the blood running in the digestive system and pancreas, and stimulate the self-repair and rebirth of pancreatic cells; (2) to repair the neuroendocrine system. Insulin is a kind of hormone. Through neuroendocrine regulation, it repairs the neuroendocrine system and helps achieve the traditional Chinese medicine’s “treatment must first seek the essence”; (3) Speed up the circulation of qi and blood and activate the overall function.

Continuous use can help stabilize blood sugar and gradually reduce the use of synthetic drugs. Some people can even reduce or eliminate all blood sugar lowering drugs on the advice of a doctor to stabilize blood sugar.  Clinically use with Chinese medicine together can enhance the Chinese medicine effect on the body as well. Through the meridian self-repair system therapy, the biological application of the drug is promoted, and the drug has a stronger pharmacological effect in the target organ and stabilizes blood sugar. , The effect of preventing complications is faster and more obvious.